Vizidyne—Visual Tools for Expert Medical Instruction

6 years ago

Thankfully, the field of medical technology is continually advancing at an alarming rate. From groundbreaking research methods and contemporary findings to innovative surgical tools and new innovative procedures, technology has quickly become a pillar of the medical community’s many advancements in recent decades.


Though by no means a researcher or doctor by trade, I’m grateful for the opportunity I’ve had to further the medical field as the head of one of Impatient Cow’s proudest, most accomplished sister company’s—Vizidyne Medical. Stationed in Salt Lake City, Vizidyne Medical offers professional medical animations to further the fields of medical education, training and inquiry.


Needless to say, when you work with Vizidyne Medical, not only will I personally hold myself accountable for your company’s final product, but I’ll almost always be your main point of contact throughout the animation process. Working together, we’ll both quickly and efficiently provide you with a teaching tool you and your team can be proud of:

As a video production specialist, my job is to carry out a great deal of 3D work, camera shots and animations—all this while overseeing the creative direction of each and every project. But that’s not all I’m doing to help guarantee my clients a top-notch video product.


Additionally, I ensure that any and all client needs are met with the time and skills our valued customers deserve; maintaining open channels of communication, assigning tasks, carrying out deadlines and coordinating post production processes—it’s all part of the job.


Lastly, my Vizidyne team is fueled by customer feedback. Once a project has been completed, I always make it a point to learn more about the experience a client has had so improvements can immediately be made.


So, though you might technically not be a customer of ours, I’d still love to hear what you think about the above demo reel. What caught your eye? What interested you the most? What questions do you have about what my team and I cab do? Contact Vizidyne today to learn more.


Or, if you’d rather keep everything in one place, feel free to share a few of your thoughts and feelings in the comments section below. I’ll be stopping by every now and again over the next few weeks to personally respond to them. Until then, thanks so much for checking out Vizidyne’s work—talk soon!